What's Next?

What are those loonies gonna do for an encore?


The joy of boots. Steve hugs his tyres after a hard squirt down Mt. Glorious Project Bandit

Currently ~100bhp.

Yep, we're planning on doing nasty things to a Suzuki Bandit 1200. Injection is only Stage One, though. Stage Two is to duct all those exhaust gases into a whirly thing. There's no way in a pink fit that hamfisted clowns like us could use all the power of a turbo Bandit on the street, but hey - it's gonna be fun to try!


It's small, it's orange, and it's cute. Steve's SRV. Project SRV

Currently ~25bhp

For some strange reason (and it's not Superglue), Steve is very attached to his little Yamaha SRV250. Stock, they sound like a sewing machine, but Steve's got a custom pipe on his and it sounds quite nice. It's not tuned properly, though. The local Mikuni distributor hasn't even heard of it's BDS26 carbies, so getting jets is a bit of a problem. It's much easier just to dump the carbs in the bin and start again - with injection.

Project Dino

Currently ~40bhp
What's yellow, sounds incredible and looks like a million bucks? Yep, a replica Ferrari Dino! "Yeah mate, it sure is a real 246 GT!" And they actually believe us! Yep, there really is one born every minute... Depressing, really.
Well, actually, it's an Aussie-made Condor body kit on a VW Beetle floorpan motivated by a  Ford Kent 1600, presumably from an Escort. The good news is that it's got a hugely lumpy race cam, custom 4-2-1 'zorst and a dual-throat Weber with minimal filtration. The bad news includes a blown head gasket, minimal compression (and hence mumbo) and rooted syncros in the cogbox. Bouncy and stoppy bits are bog-stock '64 Dub and they're pretty average. 800kgs doesn't take much to stop, but there's plenty of room for improvement here.