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Drunken Stupidity

Welcome to our world.

It may be sick, twisted and disturbing, but we're happy here. We're not breaking any laws (at the moment) and we're not hurting anyone (except maybe Richard's neighbours, but they don't really count.)

Team Feral
Profiles of the Terrible Trio. We're highly skilled at building stuff, and even better at destroying it. We've written off more bikes than we can count, even when we're sober (...errr... that's counting when we're sober, not writing off bikes when we're sober. Well, we have written bikes off in a state of sobriety, but not very often...) Anyway, we're good. Just ask us.

The dumb questions that people keep asking us. Read this, then you won't have to.

Project Shitbox
It cost a whopping $150, only goes when it feels like it, and blows plenty of smoke. One night we all got really tanked and decided to inject it, just to see if we could. After a few hours of buggerizing about, it fired up first go. That's skill, that is. Not luck. We think.

Project CBR
What do you do when you keep crashing your CBR250? Learn to ride properly? Nope. Fit it with crash bars and oggy knobs? Nuh-uh. Give up and try something else? Don't be silly! Make up your own fuel injection system for the bike from scratch, and then bung on a turbo as well? Bingo. It's not easy, logical, or as cost-effective as buying a 600, but it's a helluva lot of fun!

Project Manx
We don't only work on bikes. There is also a Meyers Manx in the workshop, which we're slowly Feral-izing. Even though it's registered as a car, you could probably call it an honorary motorcycle 'coz by the time we're finished with it it'll be up on two wheels most of the time!

Project Thumper
It used to be a mild-mannered dirt bike until we got to work on it. Now it's an insanely loud antisocial dual-purpose wheelie machine. The neighbours hate it, the cops can't catch it, and we LOVE it.

Round Tuits
We've got plenty of square tuits, but no round ones. When we get a couple, we'll wheel these things out from the dusty corners of the workshop and get cracking on 'em.

The Feral Injection Team is fueled by copious quantities of: