The GR650i†

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Given the variety and performance of modern motorcycles, you have to be a bit screwy to own a Suzuki GR650 and even screwier to admit that you like it. If youíve got three other bikes in the garage and you still spend most of your riding time on a GR, youíre obviously screwier than the entire fasteners section of Bunnings. Yes, if you havenít guessed it by now, weíre talking about Steve again. He loves his crusty old GR because itís cheap, tough, fun to thrash and because heís a certifiable lunatic.

The GR was where Feral Injection started. Every new venture needs a proof-of-concept device. Something that proves that the crazy ideas will actually work. Preferably something cheap and expendable. Thatís the beauty of an old snotter like Project Shitbox Ė if we blow it up, well, it was only a heap of crapola anyway. If we donít, itís still there for further abuse and/or experimentation. Fortunately for us, Suzuki built the old girl tough and she hasnít exploded. Yet. Steve is doing his best, though.

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Once we got the GR running and proved that yes, we could actually make a bike run on fuel injection, we bolted the carbs back on and concentrated on Richardís CBR instead. All those other screwy GR owners out there shouldnít panic too much, though Ė weíll get EFI bolted onto the old girl eventually. There's no rush. Even though Steve has been desperately trying to make her go pop for two years, she just runs sweeter every day. She's been abused from the second she rolled off the production line and she thrives on it. She starts first go every time, purrs like a blender with a kitten in it and keeps hauling Steve's fat bum around without any complaints. Yup, GRs are pretty tough.

Millennia hence, in the twilight years of life on this ball of rock, when hordes of post-apocalyptic giant mutant cockroaches swarm and squabble over the rubble of human follies under a bloated, dying sun...

...they'll be riding beat-up old Suzuki GR650s!

The Team Feral GR650i is proudly sponsored by:

The bestest damn stuff in the whole universe. There's more Knead-It in the GR than genuine Suzuki parts!