Project Thumper 

In Progress


It's big, it's loud, it's ugly and it's back. This is the bike that even Steve couldn't kill. It's a 1988 Honda XR600R. Honda built it tough. Ballards improved it. And then Steve bought it, and only a few hundred kilometres later it died a spectacular death, siezed solid in the scrub, miles from civilization. For a while it was a pile of bits and pieces, but then Steve bolted it all back together, and now it goes thump again.. We're still trying to work out how a ham-fisted klutz like him managed that.

Going Bush
Having a Siezure Motards by Retards!
Testing, Testing...

We're very tempted to bolt a turbo onto the XR, even though it would be a crime against aurality to muffle all those lovely drool-inducing thumps by ducting them through a whirly thing. For the moment, however, we have plenty of other things to work on, so tubocharging the XR is currently on the back wheel. Oops, I mean burner.

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