Stripping the Floorpan

Manx Home

Not a very pretty sight, is it?


Once hauled into the workshop, the proto-Manx fell apart with very little encouragement. We stripped it back to the bare floorpan, treated the rust and went over the welds again, just to make sure that they were doubly bodgy. We toyed with the idea of having the floorpan hot-dip galvanized to make it completely rust-proof, but eventually we settled for a good thick coat of rust inhibitor and several layers of paint. VW floorpans are cheap – if this one rusts, another can be sourced and chopped very cheaply and easily.

Cleaned, welded and rust proofed.

Richard priming the pan.

Apart from welding and rustproofing, the floorpan needed a couple of holes cut to allow the gearshift and pedal linkages to be re-installed. Normally we wouldn’t be prepared let Richard play with the angle grinder, but he actually did a pretty tidy job. Well, tidy for him. He didn’t lose any fingers, either. Ah well, you can’t have everything. A couple of neat little covers over the jagged holes and the floorpan was complete.

The covers for the gear shift and pedal linkages.


Primed and ready for certification

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