Engine Cleaning


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One cleaned engine and gear box coming right up.

With the floorpan finished off, it was time to turn our attention to the lump of grime that we hoped was an engine and gearbox. It was about the right size and shape for a VW mill, but it had an awful lot of crud on it.

Looks like Black Forest Gateau!

Black, sticky and unhealthy to eat!

We started with degreaser, which didn’t make much of an impression. Then we tried sandblasting, with a similar lack of success. Eventually we ripped all the covers off, slung the lump from a block and tackle, and crawled underneath to chip the gunk off by hand. It wasn’t easy. In places it was caked 20mm thick and baked almost as hard as the alloy underneath. We wielded flat-bladed screwdrivers with enthusiasm and vigour, but progress was slow. Once we’d knocked most of the crap off, more sandblasting and high-pressure degreaser cleaned up the residue.

Waddaya know? We cleaned off all the crud and there was a mill under there!

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