It's alive, Igor! IT'S ALIVE!

There’s no point in spending time and effort on a buggered engine, so we wanted to make sure the decrusted 1200 was sound before we started throwing rings and things at it. A quick carb disassembly and clean was followed by a brief plug check. Yep, all present, although some kind soul had bashed two of them with a blunt object and they weren’t gapped at all, let alone correctly. Once we sorted that out, we rigged up a bodgy fuel supply from an old coffee jar and moved on to the interesting part – ze gomaken mit popbangen unt bakfiren!

"Ve haf vays of making you START!"

Richard gets excited at the thought of actually performing electroshock therapy instead of recieving it.

It wouldn't be a true Feral project if we didn't mix sparks and fuel vapour. No eyebrow is safe from us!

It cranked for quite a while before we got any pops, but eventually two cylinders started banging away, and the other two joined in shortly afterwards. It certainly didn’t tick quite as smoothly as a Swiss watch but it was definitely running a lot better than the old Corolla did after a couple of high tides. It also farted out a lot of black sooty crud, but not nearly as much as Richard usually does after a beer or twelve. We congratulated each other profusely and rewarded ourselves with a few cleansing brewskis (and in Richard's case, the odd... well, anyway...)

After the GR, the CBR and now the Manx, Team Feral was riding high with 3 first-time starts from 3 attempts!

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